Home Savings Tips

Home Savings Tips

Do you want to reduce your very expensive power bill?

These days, the average person finds it difficult to drive his household appliances due to the increase in electricity costs.

Saving power around the home is easier than you think. In every home there are a number of ways you can reduce both your costs and your footprint on the environment. I work in the construction industry and can share some simple tips to save money.

Here are my Home Energy Saving Tips

Doors, windows and drafts Close your doors and windows properly, there are some other areas in your home that release suits hot or cold check your stove and exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom.

Timber flooring Another area that may be very bad for airplanes may be covering the floor with a rug and a good surface, as this is a good insulation. If you have an older house and there is plenty of room underneath, you insulate under the floor, so you can keep your beautiful timber floor.

Downlights Some of the early lights are not sealed in the roof cavity, which gives a lot of airflow, up during the winter and down during the summer. Keep in mind that you replace your old downlights with new energysaving downlights.

Lighting This is always overlooked. I have three children, so a night lamp is just a part of my life. Night lighting is small and very cheap to drive, LEDs that are in the stream are easily accessible and are also much safer than leaving a lamp overnight. General lighting can be switched to Fluro or LED, the latter is more expensive to buy but is easier to drive and lasts much longer.

Kettle and Home Appliances One friend just boils the kettle with enough water for how many cups they need. When I asked them about this the answer was very simple. If they boil the kettle three times a day with just one liter more than you need each time, you will boil 1000 liters more than you will use for a year. Most kettles use between 2,000 and 2,400 watts an hour to run and if you compare it with a fluro light that only uses 1018 watts, you can see how much difference it can make.

When youre home or especially when youre away from home, turn off your devices at the power point, because youre still using power when the devices are in hibernation.

Roof insulation Do you have insulation? If not get any installed. If you have isolation, check its age, as it usually only lasts up to 15 years. Isolating your home is one of the best ways to keep your home warm in winter and cool in the summer.

Fossil fuel generators Generators powered by petrol petrol or diesel are expensive to buy, noisy and cost a fortune to drive. The ineffective in power generation.

Solar energy panels Panels are the most environmentally friendly type of power source, compared with fossil fuels that release greenhouse gases, carcinogens and carbon dioxide, solar cells do not release anything in the air?

Solar energy is renewable. We never need to worry about running out of sunlight or using it all. The sun is a consistent power source which means it will always be there every day.

Solar energy cells do not sound when energy is collected. There are no other renewable energy sources that are completely silent.

There are a large number of solar panel systems available. Some may cost thousands and others just a few hundred. That means everyone can buy sun, theres an entrance for almost everyone.

You do not need to connect to the mains. You can be completely selfsufficient and live offline. Imagine never paying another monthly fee or connection fee.

Wind turbines Turbines are good for areas that have a lot of wind all year round, but they can be noisy and are not designed for the average backyard due to the size. Check your city council because certain restrictions may apply.

Hydro Electric Generators Generators work well if you have a yearround river near your home, but otherwise not practical.

Hot water cylinders These are used by the majority and can use a lot of power. If you are building or renovating or just want to replace an older hot water cylinder, there are a number of options that can reduce power consumption like: Sun, Electric, Gas and Heat Pump.

Hot Water Cylinder Wraps are another great way to save energy if your water heater is out. They are available in wool or fiber glass and they work just like insulation for floors, ceilings and walls, keeping the heat inside the cylinder where needed so less energy is wasted.

Finally, check your municipality or municipality for contributions that may be available to you to switch to solar power and hot water.

So just by making some small things to your home you can save a huge amount of money and help you too.

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